Meander and mingle amongst this year's constellation of star bright souls, gathered together to bring you complimentary therapies, balance and healing, colour and art, and delicious homecooked vegetarian food from Greenfeasts.  

This year you will find the following exhibitors in the Festival's Hall of Light:

Complimentary Therapies & Healing

Peta Pendlebury ~ Restore balance and health with kinesiology, a system that combines gentle muscle testing with principles of Chinese Medicine and energy balancing.  As well as kinesiology taster sessions Peta will also be offering other products from her health range including her wonderful water energising coasters.


Raw Chi Lifestyle ~ Renee McGuire's Superfood and tonic herb lifestyle blends will cleanse, sooth and reenergise your body.  Renee will also be offering raw chocolate making kits (Perfect for Easter!), and her raw chocolate cook book, and delicious samples!  Too good to resist.


Access Bar Therapy ~ Denise Oliver ~ Access Bar Therapy has been changing peoples lives, bodies and realities for over 25 years. There are Bars for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money; 32 different ones in all. Each Bar corresponds with that aspect or area of your life that it is named.  Touch one Bar and you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life just by touching it. Denise will on hand to offer taster sessions, and to discuss Access Bar Courses she runs in the local area.  


Didgeridoo Sound Healing ~ Chris Thorn ~The Didgeridoo is one of the oldest musical instruments known to man. Its low frequencies have a noticeable effect on living tissue and organs, and it was used by the Aboriginis who played near sick people to help them heal. As well as being available for one to one consultations, Chris also invites you to join him in his Mind & Body Workshops to experience the benefits of Didgeridoo Sound Healing for yourself.


Chinese Tui Na Massage ~ Mike Quinn ~ Tui na is a therapeutic massage based alongside the principles of Chinese Medicine, using hands and fingers rather than needles along the same meridians and points as acupuncture to treat internal and muscularskeletal conditions.  Visit Mike for a chat about the wide range of benefits on offer, or experience this deeply relaxing and enjoyable treatment for yourself. Get in touch directly via


Bliss Holistics & Beauty ~ Lynsey McCabe ~ This year Lynsey will be providing a wide range of beauty and holistic therapies including: Indian Head Massage, threading (hair removal), facials, manicures & pedicures and reflexology. Lynsey will also be offering one to one beauty consultations for those wanting to add to their sparkle.  You can get in touch with Lynsey on Facebook at Bliss Holistics, Beauty and Mobile.


Energy Massage ~ Katie Creuynni & Liz Volta ~ Working with the muscles, fascia, lymphatic system, circulatory and nervous systems and energy field with a combination of massage techniques. Tailored to you the individual, these can include classic massage, lymphatic drainage, no hands, trigger point, tui na massage techniques and energy clearing work. Bliss!


Claire Hegarty ~ Health and Lifestyle Expert - As one of the most experienced and highly trained hypnotherapists and breakthrough therapists in the UK, Claire combines a unique, diverse range of skills in her 1-1 guaranteed programmes, Certification Courses, Trainings and Workshops.  These skills include NLP, Time Line Therapy (R), NLP Coaching plus a combination of many different Shamanic and Spiritual systems such as Huna -the Ancient teachings of the Hawaiian Islands, American Indian Shamanism, Numerology, Astrology and much more.


Personal Readings & Spiritual Counselling

Self-Realisation Meditation Healing Centre ~ Sally Mathews will be offering guidance on how Pure Meditation can help to develop aspects of the mind, body and spiritual self, with peace, love and wisdom at its essence.

 Grace Lockhart ~ A gifted soul!  Grace will be sharing spiritual guidance through personal readings, and dream interpretation at this year's Light Festival.

Marjorie Featherstone ~ Marjorie will be offering personal guidance and healing through crystal and angel card readings.(Saturday only).

Art from the Heart & Rich Remedies

Jo Hughes ~ Jo has is fresh from India, and brings with her a wealth of yoga goodies ~ Ohm jewellery, yoga blankets, dowsing crystals, Tibetan chimes, prayer flags, singing bowls and much more. 

Lynn Charlton Blore ~ Lynn is a talented local artist who will be offering cloud -busting orgonite products (Wilheim Reich technology) for your reenergise you, and beautiful handmade jewellery unique and crafted stained and fused glass gifts to uplift you and make you smile.   

LCYoga ~ Lisa Foden brings to the festival a wealth of wonderful yoga aids ~ yoga balls, neti pots, tongue scrapers, yoga gifts, an extensive range of incense, and loads more health giving gifts.

Sarah Davies ~ Tropics Skincare ~ Sarah will be offering a fantastic collection of natural skincare and makeup products.  The Tropics skincare range is made up from fruit, nuts, tree and flower extracts.  All products have been approved by the Vegan Society and Cruelty International.  Visit Sarah and try out product samples on offer.


 IWe are fully booked for exhibitors at this year's Festival, but f you are interested in booking a table in the Hall of Light next year, on the 18th & 19th March 2017, please contact Dawn at